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Grandma Farm’s Pet Services

Terms and Conditions

Restricted Dogs

If you are bringing a dog with you that is subject to the restrictions under BSL (this includes Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brazillero, XL Bully), you MUST let us know and send us a copy of the following before booking a slot: Certificate of Exemption and Public Liability Insurance Certificate. Once we have received these you can use the field. You must muzzle your dog entering and exiting the field and it is your choice to let your dog off lead and take their muzzle off. Your dog must be on a 1-1 ( 1 x handler - 1 x dog) and only your dog can use the field at anyone time, no other dogs can mix from other households. If you own multiple dogs from the same household you can take them on the filed together but you must have another person with you. You must ensure you are following the other guidance such as your dog is microchipped and neutered at the correct age recommended. Please email the documents to or send a photo to 07793676782. Once we confirm we have received this you can book a slot and use the field. 

Pet Field’s

  1. It is only your own dog (s) coming to use the field.

  2. We ask that you pick up faeces after your dog and dispose of appropriately using the bins provided. Also remove any toys that your dog has been playing with.

  3. Please do NOT use the pet fields if your dog or any that it has been in contact with is showing any signs of ill health, (coughing, vomiting, diarrhoea, general lethargy etc.) You must cancel your session. Please respect other dogs that are using the pet fields and appreciate that some may be young, old or have compromised immune system.

  4. Please inform us if your bitch is in season.

  5. We do not allow for any aversive training aids e.g. electric collars.

  6. We will not be held liable for any damage, accident, illness or injury to yourself, others and your dog whilst using the pet fields and attending Grandma Farm’s.

  7. You use the pet fields at your own risk, we have provided a secure area to exercise your dog with fencing, but we will not be held responsible if your dog manages to escape. Please feel free to ask to check the field prior to your booking.

  8. If you are concerned about recalling your dog after your time slot we advise you book extra time or book the last slot of the day to prevent holding up the next user.

  9. If you need to cancel a booking, you must cancel with at least 24 hours’ notice to allow the session to be booked by someone else.

  10. The pet fields are located on a farm in a residential area, it is private land owned by Grandma Farm’s Pet Services so please respect the area it is situated in, it is a working farm, so remain restricted to the pet fields especially if you have children attending with you. We will not be held liable for any accident or injury you or any other person or your pet may encounter from trespassing on the farm yard or surrounding areas. Heavy farm machinery has access to the surrounding fields at all times so please do not block any access.

  11. Facilities to park your car if required are adjacent to the field; do not block the main drive area leading to the farmers’ fields. Please do not park near the farm bungalow. We accept no liability or damage that occurs to your vehicle whilst left and you’re using the field.

  12. I have read and agree to the privacy policy.




By making a booking online or signing below, I agree that I have read and understood the terms and conditions of using the pet fields:

  • I agree that I have read and follow the rules for using the field if I am bringing a dog that is subject to restrictions under BSL (this includes Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brazilieroa, XL Bully).

  • I agree that my dog (s) is of good health.

  • I agree not to use evasive training aids.

  • I agree to remain in my allocated time slot to allow for the next pet owner to use the field.

  • I will not hold Grandma Farm’s Pet Services liable for any accidents, injury or illness that may occur whilst using the pet fields. This includes my vehicle.

  • I respect that this is a working farm and I or any party that is attending with me will not trespass in any areas other than using the pet fields.

  • I will not hold Grandma Farm’s Pet Services liable if my dog (s) escape from the field or area for whatever reason.

  • I will come off the field and move on as quickly as possible to allow the next client to start their time as it may be a reactive dog.

  • I agree to the privacy policy

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